Therapeutic Yoga

Crossroads Counseling also offers Therapeutic Yoga Treatment that is facilitated by Debbie Hunt, LPC, a licensed professional counselor with extensive training in Therapeutic Yoga techniques.


Yoga based interventions have been shown to have a multitude of benefits including:

  • regulating the nervous system
  • improving sleep
  • increasing stress tolerance
  • improving overall health and well-being.


Therapeutic Yoga has been shown to be effective in treating anxiety, depression, childhood trauma, ADHD, caregiver fatigue, and general stress. Debbie has received certificates for completing specialized training in Trauma-Sensitive Yoga, as well. There are options for chair-based practice or mat-based practice, making yoga accessible for everyone.


Therapeutic yoga uses techniques such as:

  • deep breathing
  • progressive muscle relaxation
  • Meditation and mindfulness practices
  • visualization
  • gentle yoga poses.