Psychological Testing

Crossroads Counseling has two clinicians who provide psychological testing. Virginia G. Kasser, Ph.D. is an experienced licensed clinical psychologist, and Sara O'Brien, Ph.D. is a postdoctoral fellow. Both psychologists are trained and experienced in psychological and some areas of neuropsychological testing. Psychological testing brings much-needed evidence and validity to the field of psychology and has proved to be an invaluable service to our community.


Five ways to get clear direction from psychological testing at Crossroads Counseling:

  1. Obtain an initial evaluation of cognitive deterioration associated with Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia to establish a baseline or help with differential diagnosis.
  2. Differentiate between depression and bipolar disorder to guide treatment with medication.
  3. Differentiate between ADHD and bipolar disorder.
  4. Receive an accurate diagnosis and better understanding of symptoms. In fact, psychological test validity is comparable with medical test validity (Meyer, G.J., et al, 2001).
  5. Neuropsychological testing is covered by Medicare and most insurance companies.